Statistics regarding live piglets as well as different categories and qualities of pork.


The EU is the world’s second biggest producer of pork and the biggest exporter of pork and pork products (nearly 4 million tonnes annually).

The interactive visualizations below offer a range of perspectives on prices, production figures and import/export of piglets and meat, including time series graphs, distributions over quality grades and Member States, and interactive maps.

Dashboards & Reports

Pigmeat prices (carcasses) Weekly average prices in classes S and E per Member State and for the whole of the Union. As with piglet prices there is two-year comparison and an overview going back to 1991.
Pigmeat prices (piglets) Times series of average piglet prices per Member State and for the whole of the Union. The first sheet is limited to a single year and permits the comparison of weekly average prices to the same weeks of the previous year. Another sheet presents prices in the full range from 1991. Source data are submitted by Member States, most recently through the ISAMM system.
Pigmeat production Monthly production figures expressed in tonnes as well as number of animals, with a map and bar chart showing distribution over Member States. A second sheet shows year-to-year variation on a map of Europe and on a bar chart. Data are sourced and aggregated from ESTAT's NewCRONOS system.
Pigmeat trade Monthly import/export figures expressed in product weight, carcass weight equivalent and value, per Member State and per external partner country. Intra-EU trade (trade between Member States) is not taken into account. Basic data are sourced from ESTAT's COMEXT system, which implies a typical delay of 2 months for data quality assurance and consolidation.
Pigmeat combined data A simple overview that presents time series since 2005 for average prices, production, import and export per Member State and for the Union as a whole. When selecting a single year, data are monthly and there is a comparison with the previous year and with the five-year average representing seasonal trends.
Pigmeat dashboard This is the richest available collection of data on pigmeat markets. A 16-page PDF file offers weekly the latest information on prices, production and trade data including international markets from a wide range of sources.