Market data on production, price and trade for different rice types and stages of the production chain (paddy, husked, semi-milled and milled).


The EU produces around 2.8 million tonnes of paddy rice (Japonica and Indica) per year. That translates into around 1.7 million tonnes of milled equivalent rice. The EU is traditionally a net importer (around 1.2 million tonnes milled equivalent is imported). Rice in the EU is mainly used for food, whereas broken rice has more industrial applications.

The interactive visualizations below offer a range of perspectives on prices, production and import and export of rice, including time series graphs, interactive maps, both at EU aggregated level and by Member State

Dashboards & Reports

Rice prices Weekly prices for different varieties of rice at different stages of the value chain in 7 producing Member States. The first sheet presents any number of marketing years selected, whereas the second permits the comparison of different years on the same graph. A third sheet shows the spread of the prices of different varieties with respect to an average value.
Rice production Figures of gross production, area, and yield for different type of rice. Data can also be visualized on a map of Europe, and comparisons are offered with the previous year and with a 5-year trimmed average. Raw data can be filtered and exported for further exploration.
Rice trade Monthly import and export data Member State and per partner country Data are sourced from EUROSTAT (COMEXT system).