Olive oil and table olives

Imports, exports and prices of olives and different qualities of oil.

Olive oil and table olives

The European Union is the leading producer, consumer and exporter of olive oil. The EU produces around 2 million tonnes of olive oil (68% of world’s olive oil production) and 866 thousand tonnes of table olives per year and it is traditionally a net exporter.

The interactive visualizations below offer a range of perspectives on imports and exports of olive oil and table olives, as well as weekly prices in a large number of EU markets.

Dashboards & Reports

Olive oil prices Evolution of up to 7 different product categories in more than 20 different markets across the major oil-producing Member States, with some of the data series going back as far as June 2010. Separate line graphs enable a week-by-week comparison with the previous marketing year and with the average of the 5 past years.
Olive oil production Annual and monthly gross production and end-of-year stocks of olive oil per Member State. Several comparisons are possible, including year-to-year comparisons by Member State or by month.
Olive oil and table olives trade Monthly import and export data per Member State and per partner country. Data are sourced from EUROSTAT (COMEXT system).
Olive oil dashboard A weekly update of several table and graphs with the latest information on prices, production, trade, and crop conditions, from a wide range of EU and international sources.
Olive oil short term outlook The short-term outlook is based on reflections of market experts within the European Commission's Department for Agriculture and Rural Development.