CAP 2014 - 22

The common monitoring and evaluation framework (CMEF) establishes a list of indicators to help assessing the performance of the CAP 2014-22 and improve its efficiency. The achievements over the 2014-22 period are presented thematically at EU and Member State level.

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Data Explorer This app provides a single entry point for accessing the available information on the CAP thematic indicators. Filtering on indicator type and category can be done within the app, while a detailed table gives a breakdown by indicator, sub-indicator, Member State and more.

Thematic Indicators

Financing the CAP

CAP expenditure over time and distribution by main CAP instruments.

Farming Income Support

Distribution of income support and share in farming income.

Jobs and Growth in Rural Areas

GDP, incomes, employment in agriculture and poverty rates in rural areas.

Market Orientation

EU agri-food trade in context and elements of EU competitiveness.

Adding Value

Focus on the value added in agriculture including EU quality schemes and producer organisations.


Indicators describing agricultural productivity, with an emphasis on rural development support.

Environment and Climate Action

Summary of EU expenditures devoted to environment and main land use indicators.

Climate Change and Air Quality

GHG and ammonia emissions from agriculture and CAP measures contribution to climate action.

Organic Production

An overview of organic areas and producers, including specific CAP support.

Water Quality and Availability

Pressures on water (quality and quantity) and CAP contribution to improved water management.

Soil Quality

Mapping of soil conditions and CAP contribution to soil quality preservation.


Overview on biodiversity monitoring and CAP contribution to biodiversity protection.

Food and Health Quality Protection

Indicators on plant protection products, antimicrobials and animal welfare.