CAP 2023 - 27

The performance monitoring and evaluation framework (PMEF) establishes a list of indicators to help assessing the performance of the CAP 2023-27 and improve its efficiency. Member States planned their actions towards 10 CAP specific objectives for 2023-27 in their CAP Strategic Plan using these indicators.

Dashboards & Reports

Result indicators dashboard Result indicators link CAP actions to their purpose. Member States set targets to quantify their ambition in the implementation of the CAP.
Catalogue of CAP interventions The Catalogue provides detailed information on CAP strategic plans (2023-2027) and Member States implementation choices in an easy searchable way.
Financial allocation to CAP specific objectives This dashboard provides detailed information on the financial allocation of interventions to the CAP specific objectives according to the links between interventions and specific objectives established by Member States in their CAP strategic plans.
Planned outputs by theme This dashboard provides detailed information on outputs (e.g. the area, livestock units, farmers and operations) that Member States planned to support in under the CAP 2023-2027 by output indicator. Outputs are presented grouped by specific themes.