Type of indicator


Indicator C14

Labour productivity in agriculture


Labour productivity in agriculture is expressed as total Gross Value Added (GVA) in agriculture at basic prices per Annual Work Unit (AWU). 


GVA is defined as the value of output less the value of intermediate consumption.


Output is valued at basic prices, GVA is valued at basic prices and intermediate consumption is valued at purchasers’ prices. The basic price is defined as the price received by the producer, after deduction of all taxes on products but including all subsidies on products.


GVA per AWU provides comparable data on labour productivity and allows for comparison between sub-sectors and countries.


A three-years average mitigates short-term fluctuations. Labour productivity in agriculture is then calculated as the ratio of the averages: (three-years average GVA) / (three- years average labour force). 

Unit of measurement


Data source

Eurostat - Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EEA)

Eurostat - Agricultural Labour Input Statistics

References/location of the data

EEA for GVA values at current prices: aact_eaa01

EEA for GVA values at real prices: aact_eaa04                   

Agricultural Labour Input Statistics for AWU values: aact_ali01

Data collection level

EU and national (NUTS 0)




1 year


Due to the lack of available regional data, this indicator can only be calculated at national level.